Month: August 2015

Support Bowen fight for funding by David Vance

Hello Friends of Bowen, We need your support.  The Bowen school budget is now reduced by $1.3 million from our budget last year.  But the charter schools are receiving increases.   Wednesday August 26. Time- 9:am Place- Board of Ed. (old sears building).   The Chicago Teachers Union is calling for a protest at the […]

Bowen Football 2015 Schedule

Bowen Boilermakers @ Hubbard Gately Stadium August 28th 7:15pm Bowen Boilermakers @ Fenwick Fenwick HS Stadium September 4th 7:00pm Bowen Boilermakers @ Lindblom Stagg Stadium September 12th 9:30am Team Englewood @ Bowen Boilermakers Gately Stadium September 17th 7:15pm Bowen Boilermakers @ Hope Stagg Stadium September 24th 4:15pm Bowen Boilermakers @ Ag/Science Gately Stadium October 3rd […]