Alumni Post submission: Charles Bonilla


As I approached Bowen from Bessemer Park for my first day of school oh so many years ago my heart raced and I was filled with apprehension, excitement, and curiosity. Did I make the right decision? I was excited to be carrying on a family tradition, because my mother and all my siblings had attended Bowen, but would I do well?

I vividly recall three more things from that day:
How large the main building loomed as I walked ever so closer to it
The black floors on which years of students had walked, or run
The other freshman who asked me where the elevator was

As I write these words a few more memories come back:
A student was standing outside his car blasting Rick James’ Street Songs.



The Mattel football game was all the rage.


Heaven Can Wait was a big movie my freshman year.



At this moment the only class I can recall is English. My teacher was Ms. Thomas. At some point during the year we had a party and one of my classmates brought in this album:


I ended up buying it, probably at Goldblatt’s. If not there, then at Loop Records on 11 W. Jackson or Rose Records on Wabash, near the Exchequer Pub (anyone go there for pizza?).

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Charles Bonilla, ‘82

CharlesBonilla1130434a Charles Bonilla
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