Author: Kenneth Litzsey

Bowen’s Budget for 2017-18

Sourced from DNA Info. Above is the expected budget for Bowen HS. We are expected to drop down under 300 enrolled students and lose 349,699 dollars from last years budget. I looked at other school around us and its not just a Bowen thing its a neighborhood thing. I hope for all of those who […]

Saying goodbye to Principal Abdullah

I’m a little late with the news but if you haven’t heard already Principal Nia Abdullah is leaving bowen.  Here is a qoute from her facebook post: “Saying goodbye to your first love is bittersweet, but a respected colleague told me, sometimes you have to go to grow. So I’m going to grow but will […]

Sorry for the slow posting…..

I’ve been dealing with personal issues which has slowed me down on what I can do for the Bowen Alumni website. I really need help, its hard to do this all by myself. So if there is any alumni with skills to manage a website please get in contact with me. Personally I’m a tech […]

Bowen Marquee update by David Vance

Hello Alumni members and Bowen supporters, After more than three and one half years Bowen has a marquee with its name. We can now reclaim our name. We never changed our name to Baker. Note the electrical circuit is not installed.  Announcements and messages will be very easy to do on the digital circuit.   […]

On Friday April 28th at 2:30pm, representatives from the Young Manufacturer’s Association will be at Bowen to provide information to current Bowen students who will be 18 this year, 7th and 10th Ward Residents, and Bowen alumni about jobs in manufacturing.

News from David Vance

Hello Friends of Thorp and Bowen,   You may check the school by school list of budget cuts and then the amounts restored.  Thorp was cut 50,800. Now 17,300 is restored leaving us with 33,500 that is not coming back. Bowen HS was cut 93,200.  Only 18,900 was restored.     At the February 22, Board […]

Bowen Marquee update – David Vance

Hello Friends of Bowen High School, I want to thank everyone who worked with me and helped the students who spoke at the 2-22-17 Chicago Board Of Education meeting.  I think we got the ball rolling again for the school marquee. Here are the highlights: After they spoke the Facilities Manager called us into the […]