Kenneth’s Korner (3/9/15)

Northside…Southside…Cubs…White Sox.

I’m a big time White Sox fan. I remember going to old Comisky Park. I watch them beat the Baltimore Orioles and we went out on the field to watch the (I can’t remember if it was the Twins or the Indians) game to see  if the Sox were going to win the division. I cheered for the Sox through the rest of the 80s and the 90s. We had a shot that year of the strike but of course …poof that didn’t happen. Then 2005 came and when they won the World Series I figured this town would become a White Sox town and we would be the number one team, BUT NO.

The Cubs still was the number one draw…those lovable losers (sticks my tongue out). Where you watched a game on TV and saw all those people playing hookie from work in the bleachers on a summer afternoon in the sun. I had Cub fans friends (if you want to call them that) tell me the Cubs are the best team in Chicago. I laughed and mentioned the 2005 World Series, they responded when a bunch of Cubbie nostalgia. Bah. Then they mentioned how the stands are packed at Wrigley and we can’t sell out U.S. Cellular.

One day on the red line I was coming from up north on my way back home. I passed Wrigley right after a Cubs game. I though these fans were either going the wrong way or maybe just going downtown to party after the game. So I though nothing of it until we got past Jackson and they started taking off their cubs gear and putting on White Sox gear. Then it hit me. The Cubs are the team you shout out in the day time and the Sox are the team you sneak if your a Cub fan. Then I realized there wasn’t a separation between northside and southside. Its just a few people who just want to carry on a rivalry. After my realization I started to see Southsiders claiming allegiance to the Cubs. Which I almost threw up about but anyway. Don’t be out there telling people that aren’t from here that Chicago is divided between north and south. We are mixed up like everyone else….