Kenneth’s Korner 5/31/2015

The Hustle and Bustle life


I was born and raised in Chicago. The hustle and bustle of the city moved me I hustled from place to place walking swiftly down the street to my destination. I moved fast passing all the people that were slower than me, getting annoyed when I get caught up by someone slower than me.

I drove like that too. Driving like a demon, quickly changing lanes, getting mad that someone has more than two car lengths between him and the next car in front of them. Darting and dashing not thinking about anyone but myself. Driving 65 in a 45, driving 80 in a 65 like I can’t make it where I’m going on time.

A little over 6 years ago I ended up in the ICU with fluid around my heart and 3 blood clots. It was really serious. After surviving that I came back home to live in the family house. I took 6 months to just relax and recover. After that I started a job driving. My attitude had changed about my aggressively fast driving. I started to calculate how long it would take me and leave out accordingly. At first I would start off easy then start to mash the accelerator like always and speed my way there. I started being crazy early and noticed I was really worked up.

Now I have learned that being speedy isn’t always the way to go. I walk downtown watching all the people whirl around me speeding to there destination, while I go my speed and enjoy what I’m seeing and still get to where I’m going on time. When I get to where I’m going I’m also more calm and ready for anything. My mood is much better and people see me as more approachable than when I was the speed demon. I enjoy it more myself, I run into friends every now and again. I noticed now rushed they are and they are talking like they are that guy that use to talk fast in the 80s I forgot his name. I just say in my mind just say hello and let them rush on.

he hustle and bustle isn’t a necessity for me anymore. I’m crusin….