Kenneth’s Korner – Where did the holidays go? – 12-20-15


Back in the day we got ready for Christmas by dressing our house in lights and putting up decorations. Now my house is dark and there is no Christmas cheer. Why is this happening? hmmm.hanging lights


Well, there is all this violence and chaos going on in the world, but we were always told that love will concur all. We have budget crisis and fights all over the place. We have marches downtown shutting down stores. I see less and less houses with Christmas lights all around them.

Where has the true Christmas gone. Is it about Black Friday, then Cyber Monday. Is it about how much we can buy for our loved ones. I never really been that type of guy that bought a lot of stuff duringBlack Friday and Cyber Monday Christmas time anyway. I always believed if you were that important to me I’ll get you a gift anytime. So maybe the world has caught up to me?

Black Friday had protests along the Mag Mile. Black Friday had me sitting at home, not shopping. On Cyber Monday I didn’t even try to get on the internet for anything cause I knew I would be hit with all kinda of adds and pop ups.


These days its more in vogue to be anti-establishment than traditional. So is all this a fad, or signs for things to come. Will new traditions start or will everyone just be doing their own thing? The world is up in the air and so is Christmas. There are those who question its authenticity, there are others who say they shouldn’t be following this holiday for one thing or another and there are still more that just got away from it because of the commercialization of the whole thing.

What will you be doing this Christmas?