Mexican Independence Parade, float and plans a lot to do

Hello Friends and Bowen Alumni,
This is a fun parade. It would be great to have an alumni contingent. It gives Bowen publicity and will help promote the school.
All alumni have proud roots and memories in Bowen and South Chicago. We support Bowen because because it is the only neighborhood high school surrounded by charter schools.  We support Bowen because the teachers and staff work very hard to motivate every student. Bowen has a great history of 117 years. We are a multi-ethnic school and our participation makes us part of the cultural mix that is reflected in South Chicago.
So, let’s get on our phone list and make an appeal to join the Bowen float.  We will have a great band. 
I hope the ROTC will bring their flags and some drums.
David Vance
flat bed trailer will be parked inside the machine shop . . . .  
decoration people will be in the machine shop garage Sept 9.  
next band practice is Saturday, Sept. 9
contact Mr. Sechrist
time: probably noon room 307
Information on the parade is on the flyer below.