Soar Members that are Bowen Alumni

I have been attending the Steelworkers Organization of Active Retirees (SOAR) meetings  for about 6 months. No i’m not I’m not retired and I’m certainly not  a steel worker but these retirees are active and are still fighting for the rights of the people. These members in the pictures are also Bowen Alumni. ” template=”default” […]

Fixing up Bowen

For those who didn’t see my Facebook live in front of Bowen after the Alumni Association meeting on November 16th where I showed the problems. I showed the diseased honey locust tree and all the vegetation growing in the gutters. Well those problems have been fixed.  In a email sent to a group of us […]

Future of Bowen — David Vance

Hello Alumni members and Friends of Bowen,   I attended a recent Bowen LSC meeting (9-26).  The LSC Chair Anna Johnson reported that Greg Mitchell 7th Ward Alderman hosted a meeting with school administrators and Mayor, Rahm Emanuel.  Promoting Bowen and the per-engineering program was the major topic. I asked about specific improvements or if […]

Mexican Independence Parade 2017 in South Chicago

Hello Alumni Association and Bowen supporters,   We had an exciting parade float in the Mexican Independence Parade. The band played several songs including Santana’s “Oye Coma Va.” We were applauded on the route; people waved and clapped. The $100. in donation to rent the trailer an buy the decorations was money well spent. Most […]

Bowen’s Budget for 2017-18

Sourced from DNA Info. Above is the expected budget for Bowen HS. We are expected to drop down under 300 enrolled students and lose 349,699 dollars from last years budget. I looked at other school around us and its not just a Bowen thing its a neighborhood thing. I hope for all of those who […]