Bowen Basketball 2016-17 season update

I just got an update on the Bowen Boys Basketball team from Coach Love. They have a record of 11-4. Josh Streaor is averaging 28 pts per game. Tomorrow they are playing South Shore ¬†At Bowen. But the most important thing Coach Love wanted me to pass along is Bowen’s Basketball Homecoming is Thursday at […]

My First Season

Its been a few months since the end of the first season as a football coach Bowen. It was a different experience from prior years where I was just volunteering. This year was a commitment I couldn’t show up when I wanted during my free time. I enjoyed being more behind the scene. I like […]

Thank you Ms Norman

We at the alumni association would like to thank Bowen counselor Janelle Norman for all she has done for the school and the students. We also like to thank her for sitting on the alumni board. She will be missed. We wish her the best of luck in her future endeavors.   The Bowen Alumni […]

Bowen Drops its first conference game.

Saturday afternoon Bowen took on Ralph Ellison. This was a rough game full of penalties and mistakes by Bowen yet they only lost 14-6. Early on there was a lot of confusion offensively and defensively. Just when Bowen seemed to get a good play there was a penalty, then mistakes would happen to end drives. […]

The Future of Bowen — Lessons from Austin HS

The Future of Bowen — Lessons from Austin HS David Vance Hello Parents and Friends of Bowen, Please read. I see many similarities with Austin and Bowen. Like Austin we were also 4 small schools. And, city wide all public neighborhood high schools are being downgraded and treated as second class. This is what the […]