Quick News bites from Bowen

At the last Bowen Alumni Association meeting we were told….


There was a hot water tank that failed, the tank as been replaced at a cost of $7,500.

The manufacturing program will still be receiving the equipment from Daley College. Also there was another manufacturing program meeting with 20 reps that spoke to the teachers and admins about the program to give students manufacturing jobs.

150 care packages were delivered to Bowen full of basic essentials for the students. 

Method came to Bowen and cleaned the book room out. We were told there were some missing things found, not details as of what they were. 

Bowen is working on student recruitment, lately the school hasn’t been getting people from the local neighborhood elementary schools like they use to. So there is work to go to these schools and promote Bowen as it is not as it was to bring more enrollment.