Where you at?

I have been involved with the Bowen High School Alumni Association for I think 5 years if I’m correct. In those 5 years. I have seen and done a lot. I’ve been part of the ups and downs of being part of this organization. I’m not going to go into detail about those. I’m going to get right to the point. 

Where are you? I’ve reached out through this blog, the website and the Facebook groups.  Where are you? Cause I need you. Its hard doing all this, its hard hoping that one day someone would come and help me. I had hope when I first started, I thought if I got the word out people would come. I hoped we would start a mentoring group that would help students. I hoped that we could become a powerful advocate for the school. It hasn’t happened yet and the longer it goes the more I think it never will. 

I’m not even asking people to do a lot. I’m not asking people to sacrifice what you do for yourself or your family. Just shave off a little time to support the school that is printed on your high school diploma. I know from talking to some of you that when you walked out that door you didn’t look back. Well you can do as you please I’m not certainly asking you to come back if you don’t want to.  But if you care enough to show up every year for the reunion cookout. If your proud enough to wear the purple and gold and say you went to Bowen High school. I think for all that you would come back and help, give back to where you came from. 

For those in classes that do things outside of the association, I don’t knock it and I don’t want you to change any of that. But I do want  you to come be part of the association for the fact that together we are a stronger block when it comes to dealing with outside issues that effect the school. We are stronger together so lets come together. 

I know from talking to some of you that the time of the alumni association meeting is an issue. Hey if I wasn’t an entrepreneur and had to go to a 9 to 5 I would have issue too. But I’ll say this, you join, then you say to the board I can’t come to the meetings because of the time or day or both. It will change. But we can’t just change it to people who haven’t commented yet.  This is an organization with bylaws that have to be followed. We respect the fact you can’t come at 1:30pm on a Thursday, but you have to respect there is a order of how things are done to make changes. I’ll say this too, the current members want you there. Its time to move younger fresher minds on the board so we can move forward with things. Remember this is a volunteer situation. No one is making any money doing this. So why would we not want you there. Think about that. 

So now with all that said are you still a no go on coming into the organization and standing with us to help a great principal we have right now. Ms Horton has come into this school as a principal that wants to change the environment so that its a better place of learning. She is dealing with a lot and I want to be able to activate the alumni association to help her in her quest to make Bowen the greatest it can be. 

Don’t believe the BS, the naysayers and the doubters. There are people working hard to keep this going. There are things happening that if we help can elevate the school to be successful. We do want you to come out and be part of this. I know I do. While I’m saying that is any alum out there a web designer, I’m a tech but I’m not an outstanding web designer.

Matter of fact let me say all the things we need help with and if you can help us please do. 

  1. I need someone to help me with this website. I want to set up something with the school to allow students at some point to post things about the school so we don’t have to be there all the time. But until then I need people to process the info I get into articles to post on the blog. 
  2. We need people to become members and help form the mentorship  committee. So we can help all the students that need help. 
  3. We need new members for an events committee so we can start to have fundraising events for scholarship and other funding needs for the school. 
  4. We need members to come and  be part of the scholarship committee. 
  5. Lastly, Bowen needs you.

So can I count on you? Right now the meetings are on the third Thursday of the month at 1:30pm. Like I said before I know people work. We do have a Google Hangouts you can join in case you can take a lunch break and get on the conference for the meeting. Holla at me and I’ll give you the Hangouts link. 

Boilermakers 4 life.

Oh, I almost forgot. For those of you not in Chicago we have ways for you to help too. Don’t think you can’t do anything cause your not in Chicago….