The Bowen High School Alumni Association’s primary focus is providing scholarships to deserving graduating Bowen seniors.  However, we also raise funds for other important Bowen projects. Please consider donating directly to these worthwhile efforts:

When a pipe burst in a Bowen campus storage area, it damaged the collection of Bowen Arrows dating back to 1922.  We are working toward restoring these irreplaceable classic publications and hope to digitize them so they can be made available to alumni.

Bowen may qualify for this honor for its historical and architectural significance.  As the first high school on the southeast side, it was an educational gateway for the children of immigrants, a place where first - and - second - generation children received a high quality education that propelled their participation into American culture and expanded their prospects for jobs and higher education studies. Additionally, the 1910 structure is a Mission Style architectural gem designed by Dwight Perkins deserving of greater recognition.

The process for entry on the National Register is long and costly but Bowen is a strong contender for this honor.  This recognition could provide preservation incentives and instill pride in Bowen students and alumni.


Chicago artist Vicente Mendoza was an alumnus class of 1968.  His 1975 mural in the principal’s office depicts a steel mill blast furnace, cargo ships on the Calumet River, and the diverse citizens of the South Chicago community. The Alumni Association would like to restore and preserve this dynamic painting and make it more accessible to the community.

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