Bowen Marquee update – David Vance

Hello Friends of Bowen High School,

I want to thank everyone who worked with me and helped the students who spoke at the 2-22-17 Chicago Board Of Education meeting.  I think we got the ball rolling again for the school marquee.

Here are the highlights:

After they spoke the Facilities Manager called us into the lobby/hallway.  He said he didn’t know what happened but he would look into it.  He understood our Bowen marquee was important and agreed that we needed it.

I thought it was strange that someone else had followed us out into the hallway.  He was not a reporter.

After Mr. DeHoyos gave us his contact information the stranger said he was the Bowen contractor.  He didn’t know why he (his company) was “removed from the certified list.”  He gave the Facilities Manager his contact info.

All I can say now is that we opened some doors that weren’t there a few days ago.  Let’s keep working together, speaking up and more doors will open.

David Vance