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Bowen’s Budget for next year.

The amount of money schools receive for each enrolled student will increase by 2.5 percent, boosting the district’s base per-pupil rate to $4,397 and more than two thirds of the 626 schools are receiving more funds. That per-pupil increase also applies to city charter schools. The extra spending on the privately operated schools is expected […]

History of James H. Bowen

PowerPoint presentation done by Rod Sellers.   This is an embedded <a target=”_blank” href=””>Microsoft Office</a> presentation, powered by <a target=”_blank” href=””>Office Online</a>.

Future of Bowen — David Vance

Hello Alumni members and Friends of Bowen,   I attended a recent Bowen LSC meeting (9-26).  The LSC Chair Anna Johnson reported that Greg Mitchell 7th Ward Alderman hosted a meeting with school administrators and Mayor, Rahm Emanuel.  Promoting Bowen and the per-engineering program was the major topic. I asked about specific improvements or if […]