Fixing up Bowen

For those who didn’t see my Facebook live in front of Bowen after the Alumni Association meeting on November 16th where I showed the problems. I showed the diseased honey locust tree and all the vegetation growing in the gutters. Well those problems have been fixed. 

In a email sent to a group of us including Principal Horton said.


I wanted to follow up on the honey locust tree in addition to the gutters at the main entrance of  Bowen HS. As noted the honey locust tree had an disease and need to be removed. We did not want to take chance of infecting the other trees.  The engineering staff did reach out to the landscaping service regarding the service of the lawn. Upon completion of the landscaping service Tyrone Black will walk the entire area with the vendor to provide feedback and correct any and all concerns.   All gutters were cleaned as well. Please know the custodial, engineering staff are committed in ensuring Bowen is a clean environment as well as warm, safe, dry. Thanks for your continued support.


Please see pictures below of before and after pictures of the tree removal and gutters .

So now that this is done. The next step is the leaky roof with the shingles coming off. Principal Horton has come into this school and immediately worked on these problems to help make a better environment for the student. 

One other thing we need to get back at the school. A swimming pool. The pool has been non functional for quite sometime. The cost of repairing it we could get a whole new and better pool. So alums if you have some resources you can contact to help this happen please do so. The school needs a functional pool. 


Stay strong and support where you came from……


There are people trying to walk the path you have to a better life.