Kenneth’s Korner June 16th 2018 – The Day After….

This is the day after, the day after the 2018 graduation. I did the presentation of the Bowen Alumni Scholarship Award. I was nervous as a cat in a room full of rocking chairs. The ceremony was in the Bowen Auditorium. Bowen a place I went to for 4 years and never publicly spoke. This was my first, 28 years after my graduation I’m on the stage. I didn’t even realized how significant it was for me. 

Now that isn’t over there are two things I want to do. First I want to improve the Scholarship in the amount each student gets and the process of doing the award. This was my first year doing this and the process was shaky and we started late. If I’m part of this next year I don’t want to make the same mistake. 

Second I want to be key speaker next year. After hearing the speaker for this year. I was sitting there saying to myself. I could have done this and come from a place of I’ve been here and I know where you are going. I would give love to the school and their journey and give them tips for the future. I would inspire them with hopes of a great future but ground them in reality. I would tell them this is the first of all the great milestones of life. Each milestone you reach is like leveling up in you favorite video game. Ready Player One! 

Lately I was acting like my journey was over. I was giving up. But the day after graduation for me those students inspired me to continue as I remembered how I felt when I turned my tassel to the left. I give my love to them as they continue on. And I just want them to know when you get to the point where you come back to give back I’ll be here and I’ll see you then.